EFF leader Julius Malema was slaughtering a cow for its big bash on 29 July at FNB stadium. Photo: Twitter

The NSPCA has been called on to act following a video of EFF leader Julius Malema struggling to slaughter a cow. In preparation for its 10th anniversary, the party slaughtered a donated cow, which would be served at its bash at the FNB Stadium on 29 July. The NSPCA has disclosed it is investigating the incident.

Ceremonial Slaughter

A video of EFF leader Julius Malema struggling to slaughter a cow as part of the party’s 10th anniversary has sparked public outrage. Various online users urged the National Council of Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) to intervene. This, after the EFF held a ceremonial slaughter in Magaliesburg on 13 July, where animals donated to the party were being prepared for the big bash at FNB Stadium on 29 July.

Disturbing Video

The video shows a cow in a red cage with its head sticking out. Malema is seen holding a small knife which he stabs in the back of the animal’s head. He makes several attempts to slaughter the animal, repeatedly jabbing the knife into the cow; however, he makes little to no progress. The cow appears to be in distress, struggling to move away.

Public Reaction

Enraged by this, the public has called on the NSPCA to take action and address the incident. One reader disheartened by the video reached out to News Reporters, expressing their frustration, and calling it animal abuse. He said: “I’m an expat South African and recently received the attached video of animal abuse being inflicted by Julius Malema. It shows him supposedly trying to slaughter a cow, using what I can only call the worst possible means available to him. He’ll probably try and hide behind the whole ‘culture’ narrative, but according to the SPCA’s website, this is still not acceptable.”


Linking an article by the NSPCA, the text spoke about the necessity of pre-stunning: making an animal unconscious before slaughtering it to minimize its pain. An excerpt from the text read: “Humane slaughter involves a two-stage process. Animals are first stunned with a species-appropriate method, such as a captive bolt device in the case of cattle. Sheep and goats, poultry, rabbits, and pigs are usually electrically stunned in an abattoir. This renders them unconscious and insensible to pain.”

NSPCA Investigation

Responding to News Reporters on whether it would pursue the matter, the NSPCA said it was investigating it and would release a statement in due time. Its finance unit manager, Nadine Ferreira, added: “We are investigating the slaughter and also the slaughter of a further 100 cattle. We appreciate your concern, and we are equally concerned.”

By Shamiso Miracle

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