Former President Donald Trump has recently criticises current US President Joe Biden handling of the ongoing Israel conflict. Known for his controversial remarks, Trump accused Biden of showing weakness and held him directly responsible for the escalating violence in the region. He confidently asserted that the situation would have been significantly different if he were still in office.

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Biden’s Position and Global Response

Despite Trump’s criticisms, President Biden has consistently upheld Israel’s right to self-defense. At the same time, he has been advocating for de-escalation and is actively striving for a ceasefire. This delicate situation has garnered international attention, with numerous countries and organizations urging for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Trump Criticises Biden Approach to the Israeli Conflict

Trump did not limit his criticisms to Biden alone. During his speech at the Israel Heritage Foundation, a conservative group advocating for Israeli building in the West Bank, he criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for quickly congratulating Biden on his 2020 presidential victory. He also suggested that Biden harbors a dislike for Jewish supporters of Israel and accused him of being dismissive of Netanyahu.

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Potential Impact and Future Consequences

The direct influence of Trump’s comments on the ongoing conflict is yet to be determined. However, they undoubtedly add another layer of complexity to an already intricate situation. The potential implications could be extensive, possibly affecting international reactions, the Biden administration’s policy towards Israel, and even the internal dynamics within Israel itself.

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