Volvo to end diesel car production

Volvo Cars, the Swedish automobile manufacturer,to end diesel car production by early 2024. This decision is a significant step towards the company’s goal of becoming an all-electric car maker. In a few months from now, the last diesel-powered Volvo car will roll off the production line, making Volvo Cars one of the first legacy car makers to take this transformative step.

Volvo to end diesel car production by early 2024

Volvo, which is majority-owned by China’s Geely, has committed to going fully electric by 2030. This ambitious goal underscores the company’s dedication to sustainable and environmentally-friendly transportation solutions.

Sales Trends and Shift in Demand

As recently as 2019, a majority of the cars Volvo sold in Europe were diesel models. However, by 2022, diesel vehicles made up just 8.9% of the Swedish car maker’s sales. In contrast, a third of Volvo’s sales in August were fully electric or hybrid models. The company did not provide a breakdown of how many of the remaining 67% combustion-engine models were diesel and how many ran on petrol.

Decline of Diesel Models in Europe

The sales of diesel models have declined rapidly in Europe since Volkswagen’s emission-cheating scandal. This event has led car makers to gradually reduce the number of diesel models available in their model line-ups. Diesel vehicles comprised more than 50% of Europe’s new car sales in 2015, but accounted for just over 14% of sales in July.

In conclusion, Volvo Cars’ transition away from diesel models and towards all-electric vehicles reflects broader trends in the automobile industry towards more sustainable and environmentally-friendly transportation solutions.

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