Vuyokazi Tshona Biography

Vuyokazi Tshona Biography

Vuyokazi Tshona, a woman with a well-planned life, initially aimed to become a professional. However, destiny had other plans for her, leading her to the entertainment industry. Quickly becoming one of Mzansi’s sweethearts, Vuyo continues to aim for the stars. Her life is an interesting tale that we will explore in this detailed biography.

Profile Summary

  • Age: 28 years
  • Birthday: 27 August 1992
  • Birthplace: Eastern Cape, South Africa
  • Siblings: 3
  • Profession: Actress, Farmer
  • Education and Qualifications: B.Tech in Agriculture (Tshwane University of Technology)
  • Net worth: $100,000

Career Beginnings

Vuyokazi Tshona’s career started unexpectedly. Although she didn’t initially intend to become an actress, she fell in love with the craft at the age of 18. Despite recognizing her celestial voice, she didn’t see herself as a performer. After completing her matric, Vuyokazi moved to Durban to further her studies.

She later relocated to Pretoria to study for a B.Tech in Agriculture: development and extension at Tshwane University of Technology. “I wanted to be a professional. My twin sister is bubbly, she studied film, so I would accompany her to the auditions,” she says. “One day, she just told me to try it out, I did and I got a role.”

Rise to Fame

Vuyokazi’s debut role was on the award-winning SABC1 soapie, Uzalo. She featured as a choir member, a role she got because of her celestial voice. This led her to another role on the drama series Ingozi. While on set, Vuyokazi fell in love with acting and decided to focus exclusively on it.

“I could sing, but I never thought I could perform as an actor. As I got into it, I realized that I could actually do it. I then enrolled at the Joburg Theatre to learn more,” she shares. “Church was a social place for me. I grew up in church. I started singing at church and I got my first role because I could sing,” she adds.

TV Roles

Vuyokazi Tshona has taken on several roles in her acting career:

  • Imbewu as Buhle Bhengu
  • Ingozi as Zodidi Ndamase
  • Uzalo (Choir)

Twin Sister

The actress has a twin, Vuyelwa Tshona. She is Vuyo’s inspiration and the reason she has a knack for the arts. At 25 years of age, Vuyelwa returned from Manila, Philippines where she was also an actress and singer for Disney’s Lion King international tour.

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Farming Skills

One look at her and one would never think the actress’ hands are capable of farming. As she majored in agriculture at university, Vuyo juggles her professional career and acting effortlessly.

Role on Imbewu

Playing the spoilt Buhle, she is the reason why most tune in to see the drama series. She gives her mother, Mazulu a hard time when she insists on mourning her husband despite the stern warning Ngcolosi gives.

Net Worth

With her agriculture career taking off and her acting game on point, the uprising actress is cashing in a pretty penny. Vuyokazi is worth $100,000.

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