South African musician Emtee, whose real name is Mthembeni Ndevu, has recently been the subject of public attention. The young rapper, once considered one of the country’s finest, appears to be a shadow of his former self. This transformation has not gone unnoticed by social media users, who expressed their concern after watching a new video of Emtee purchasing peanuts from a local street vendor. Emtee latest drunk video got Mzansi talking.

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Emtee drunk Video

Emtee’s journey has been far from smooth. The rapper, who rose to fame almost instantly, soon began making headlines for issues such as domestic abuse, drug abuse, and even for exposing his private parts during a live stream.

Despite working on new music and maintaining an active social media presence, Emtee continues to face constant scrutiny from his fans. Many are worried that he may never regain his former glory.

In a recent video, Emtee can be seen encouraging people to support a local street vendor selling peanuts. However, the video has raised concerns among fans who believe that the rapper may have been under the influence of drugs or other substances.

Watch the video from Twitter below:

Fans Express Concern

The video has sparked a wave of concern among fans in the comment section. Many have noted that Emtee appears troubled and possibly under the influence of a harmful substance.

One fan wrote, “Emtee is falling apart and the people around him find it funny and it hurts.” Another added, “Drugs are really affecting him and his career very slowly.”

These comments reflect the growing concern among fans about Emtee’s well-being and future in the music industry.

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