Skeem Saam actor Patrick Seleka confess to emotionally abusing wife. The actor took to social media to open up about how he abused his wife and how his actions damaged his marriage.

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Patrick Seleka confess to abusing wife

Patrick Seleka who plays Katlego on Skeem Saam posted a video confessing that he was the couse of his marriage breakdown, and also caused his wife’s mental healthy issues. Skeem Saam actor is regretting his actions and wishes to fix things between him and wife.

“The main reason my wife is going through her depression—I should say all of it—is because of me. I am the reason she has been so depressed for so long, and the one thing that’s the worst is that I haven’t been there for her. “It all started at the beginning of our marriage when I wasn’t a good person… I was just very, very bad to her, to the point that when we started, she ended up losing her job,” he said.

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Patrick Seleka advises other men

In the video circulating on Twitter Patrick also warned his fellow gender on the dangers of emotionally abusing thier wives and how it causes divorces. The actor told men to stop doing whta he did to his wife and hopes all the couples in Mzansi stay in harmony.

“I am coming out, to everyone who is doing this to their partners to stop it. It’s just not right, it’s not cool, it’s wrong, it’s bad. Because at the end of the day, you are just destroying a woman who just wants to love you, who just wants to be the for you.”

Watch the video below:

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