Zahara and Somizi

As the world mourns the death of renowned singer Zahara, TV and radio personality Somizi Mhlongo finds himself haunted by a crude joke he made about the star years ago. Video of Somizi mocking the late Zahara resurfaces.

Back in 2017, during his stint as co-host of the South African Music Awards, Somizi had publicly labeled Zahara an “alcoholic”. This accusation, made in jest, has now returned to the spotlight following Zahara’s untimely demise.

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Public Mockery and Somizi’s Response

In the wake of her death, Somizi took to Instagram to chastise the public for their mockery of Zahara’s life challenges. He expressed his disappointment in a video message, criticizing the public’s lack of empathy towards the star’s struggles.

In his Instagram post, Somizi shared his thoughts amid the tragedy. He revealed that upon hearing about Zahara’s critical condition in the hospital, he had a premonition. He predicted that if Zahara didn’t survive, she would become an overnight hero and icon, with people praising her talent and lamenting her premature departure.

He further commented on the harsh reality of Zahara’s life, stating that she was one of the most ridiculed personalities, with people reveling in her downfall and making fun of her hardships. He regretted that Zahara was hardly ever appreciated during her lifetime.

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The Irony of Death and Recognition

Somizi pointed out the irony of death and recognition, stating that one often needs to die to be acknowledged, respected, honored, and figuratively given their flowers. He noted that despite Zahara’s cries for help, very few people came forward to support her. Yet, her funeral was well-attended, highlighting the hypocrisy of society.

Unkind Words from the Past Resurface

Following his reflective post, Somizi was reminded of his past unkind words about Zahara. During the closing segment of the South African Music Awards, he had joked about Zahara being at the bar due to the free drinks at the after-party. He later dismissed it as a joke on his Metro FM breakfast show, asking Zahara for forgiveness if she was offended.

However, Zahara was not amused at the time. She expressed her displeasure in an Instagram post, threatening to sue Somizi and the South African Music Awards for defamation of character.

Reconciliation and Remembrance

Despite their past differences, Zahara and Somizi reconciled when he invited her to be a guest on his TV show, Dinner With Somizi, in 2020. However, following her death, netizens reminded the public about Somizi’s past transgressions, casting a shadow over the mourning period.

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