Matthew Lani, a self-proclaimed doctor, was arrested on Sunday. He had been masquerading as a medical professional, complete with hospital visits and medical gear. TimesLIVE compiled a videos of Matthew Lani pretending to be a doctor. His act was so convincing that he amassed a following of 50,000 on his TikTok account, where he regularly posted content of himself acting as a doctor in a public hospital.

Despite accusations from some viewers who doubted his medical qualifications, Lani continued his charade by providing “proof” of his legitimacy. This included showing himself in the doctor’s changing room with a locker bearing his name. He often appeared in videos wearing a Covid-19 face shield and a stethoscope draped around his shoulders.

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Videos of Matthew Lani pretending to be a doctor

In one particularly bold instance, Lani recorded himself on a phone call with an alleged nurse. During this call, he claimed to have examined a patient and concluded that their diagnosis was not appendicitis as initially thought, but “colon cystitis”. He instructed the nurse to cancel the theatre appointment and assured her that he would be at the hospital within an hour.

The Arrest of Matthew Lani

The culmination of Lani’s deceitful acts came when he was arrested by hospital staff on Sunday. After his arrest at the hospital, he was handed over to the police. This marked the end of his bogus medical practice and the beginning of legal proceedings against him.

By Shamiso Miracle

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