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The African National Congress (ANC) has reiterated its support for the people of Palestine, describing their situation as “the most tragic and dangerous.” The ANC, South Africa’s ruling party, has expressed its readiness to provide humanitarian aid.

ANC’s Stance on Palestine

Speaking on the sidelines of the party’s national executive committee meeting in Boksburg on Saturday, ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa stated that his party has always supported Palestine’s cause for justice. He emphasized that the ANC has always been allied with the people of Palestine and unashamedly supports their cause.

Acknowledging Civilian Casualties

Ramaphosa expressed condolences to the Israelis who have died in the conflict, particularly civilians. He highlighted that even in South Africa’s own struggle, civilians were a clear exclusion. The ANC stands firm on these principles as they are inscribed in international law.

Understanding the Plight of Palestinians

Ramaphosa noted that South Africa understood the plight of the Palestinian people as they had been under occupation for 75 years. As a people and an organization that has struggled against an oppressive system of apartheid, the ANC pledges solidarity with the Palestinians.

Condolences to Both Sides

The South African government has sent condolences to both Israel and Palestine following the deaths of scores of people. Ramaphosa reiterated that the ANC has always pledged its solidarity with Palestine and insisted that the only solution for problems in the Middle East, particularly between Israel and Palestine, is a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders as approved by the world community and the UN.

Current Atrocities and Humanitarian Concerns

Ramaphosa expressed concern about current atrocities where residences and hospitals are being razed to the ground. He referred to Israel’s decision to give 1.1 million Gazans 24 hours to leave northern Gaza and evacuate to the southern region. He called for humanitarian corridors to be opened so food, water, and electricity can be made available to the people of Gaza.

Potential for Wider Conflict

Ramaphosa warned that this conflict could go beyond the borders of Israel and Palestine and engulf the entire Middle East in a conflict that the world least deserves at this point in time.

Support for Peaceful Resolution

The ANC president stated that both his party and the government support a peaceful resolution to the conflict. He added that South Africa stands ready to participate on a neutral basis in various conflicts around the world, regardless of whether or not the parties involved share ideological positions with South Africa.

Readiness to Assist with Humanitarian Aid

Ramaphosa said that South Africa is ready to assist with humanitarian aid. The government is currently processing requests from several countries in that part of the world for assistance. Consideration is also being given to evacuating South Africans who are in Palestine and Israel.

By Shamiso Miracle

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