The Western Cape’s Operation Shanela anti-crime initiative netted 2,718 arrests over the past weekend, according to Western Cape police. The operation, which was launched on May 8, involves regular stop-and-searches, roadblocks, vehicle checkpoints, and high-visibility foot patrols.

Focus on Tracing Wanted Suspects

In addition to these measures, Operation Shanela also aims to trace wanted suspects with a focus on murder and rape suspects. Compliance inspections are also being conducted at liquor outlets and secondhand goods dealers.

High-Density Integrated Operations

“The high-density integrated operations comprised police units, other law enforcement agencies, private security companies, and neighbourhood watch structures,” said police spokesperson Capt Frederick van Wyk.

Breakdown of Charges

The arrests made during the operation relate to a variety of charges. These include 46 for murder, 15 for attempted murder, 51 for rape, 228 for assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm, 309 for common assault, 184 for drug-related offences, 46 for illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, 1,135 for wanted suspects, 95 for possession of dangerous weapons, and 36 suspects for possession of firearms.

Suspects Due to Appear in Court Soon

All of the arrested suspects are due to appear in court soon, according to Van Wyk

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