South African musician Zakes Bantwini, whose real name is Zakhele Madida, recently expressed his disappointment over the cancellation of the South African Music Awards SAMAs. The KwaZulu-Natal government announced the cancellation, which sparked a wave of reactions across the country. Bantwini took to social media to voice his concern, stating that the decision was a sad one for artists nationwide. He further emphasized that it was a significant mistake.

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Bantwini’s Plea to the Arts and Culture Minister

Acoording to The South African, Bantwini recently had appealed to Zizi Kodwa, the country’s arts and culture minister, to improve the entertainment industry. He expressed the country’s frustration and urged Kodwa to provide guidance and support to address the various issues faced by the industry. He reiterated his love for his home country and his commitment to its betterment. Now, he has once again spoken up about a critical issue – the 2023 SAMAs. He shared his belief that cancelling the event is a grave error.

Public Opinion on SAMA Cancellation

Despite Zakes Bantwini disappointment on SAMAs cancellation, some social media users suggested that the funds allocated for the awards could be better utilized for more pressing needs in the country. One user suggested that the SAMAs could still proceed but should not be funded by taxpayers’ money. Another user proposed that celebrities, who can afford luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci, should organize the event themselves or attract private investors or funders.

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