Parliament arson-accused Zandile Mafe in courtroom rant

During a pre-trial appearance in the Western Cape High Court, Zandile Mafe, who is accused of setting fire to Parliament, shouted out that he was indeed the one who committed the act. He also threatened to set fire to the building again if it wasn’t moved to Bloemfontein or Pretoria.

Second Psychiatric Assessment

Mafe was in court for feedback on a second psychiatric assessment that he underwent. The first assessment, which concluded that he had schizophrenia, was declared unlawful. The finding of the second assessment is still sealed.

Judge’s Response

Judge Nathan Erasmus, who knows the outcome of the assessment, didn’t want to interrupt Mafe’s outburst. He stated that he didn’t want to exacerbate Mafe’s medical condition. However, he adjourned briefly when Mafe wouldn’t stop shouting.

Mafe’s Demands

Mafe called for Parliament to be moved and also had an anti-white and anti-Semitic rant in the dock. He stated that he didn’t want whites in the land and that they should bring back land to black people. He also called the DA “racists” and “murderers” and said that Parliament should be turned into a toilet.

Defence’s Request

Advocate Dali Mpofu, SC, represented Mafe via a broken video link. In court, advocate Nikiwe Nyathi said that the defence wanted a six-week postponement to get their own independent psychiatric report.

Mafe’s Sentence

Mafe also told the court to give him a “life sentence of 25 years” and stated that he wasn’t afraid of it.

This is a developing story.

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